Glow Plan

smiling in the dentist chair

What’s Included

Annual Maximum: $1,000 (In-Network Only)
Diagnostic & Preventive Services: 100% (In-Network Only)
Basic Services: 80% (In-Network Only)
Major Services: 50% (In-Network Only)
Deductible $50/150
6 month waiting period for Basic Services and 12 months for Major Services
Out-of-network services are not covered

See the plan brochure below for additional details

Active Lifestyles Plan Highlights

  • NO waiting periods on Diagnostic & Preventive services for Dental Insurance

  • Renaissance dental insurance provides widespread access to care: Renaissance combines national and regional networks to provide over 400,000 dental access points for maximum choice and value.1 While individuals may save the most money by visiting a dentist in our vast network, they are welcome to visit any licensed dentist in the country. Find a dentist at

  • Excellent customer service: Our dedicated customer service representatives are available to address any questions.

  • Online assistance: Renaissance members have access to our online portals that allow them to easily manage their benefits information. Find a participating dentist, check benefits and amounts used toward maximums or deductibles, print ID cards and more.

Call for A Free Consult:  888-921-0323 

Source: 1) Renaissance internal data