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Empowering Health with Renaissance Active Lifestyles

At Renaissance, our Active Lifestyles plans aren’t just insurance products; they’re a commitment to holistic health. Designed with a focus on dental, vision, and hearing, these plans support individuals in maintaining an active and vibrant lifestyle. Brokers who partner with us have the unique opportunity to offer comprehensive care solutions with no waiting periods on diagnostic and preventive dental services, access to over 400,000 dental care points, and a partnership with VSP for extensive vision coverage. With the inclusion of a hearing discount program through Amplifon, clients can enjoy a well-rounded approach to health maintenance.

Vision Care That Sees Further

Our collaboration with VSP Vision Care equips members with an extensive choice of eyewear through the VSP Choice network, the largest national network of independent eye doctors. The plans offer significant savings on frames and lenses, with allowances and benefits that cater to individual needs, making it a clear choice for clients prioritizing their sight.

Hearing Support That Resonates

The hearing discount program, administered through Amplifon, allows individuals to access quality hearing care, including risk-free trials and extensive warranties. This aspect of the Active Lifestyles suite ensures that your clients can find the perfect hearing aids with confidence and continued support.

A Partnership for Wellness

As a broker working with Renaissance, you are equipped to offer plans that are more than just insurance—they are a pathway to wellness. Our dedicated customer service and online tools empower you to manage benefits efficiently, making the process seamless for your clients.

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